While I was making this Scarecrow Joe costume I ran into quite a few hurdles, one being the mask. At first I tried to use a real pumpkin but it would not hold the shape that I wanted, and while I was making the costume it began to mold (gross I know). With some trial and error I was able to find a fake pumpkin that worked perfectly. The biggest challenge was getting the eye holes a nice shape so that it looked spooky, but not too angry. All in all I would say the costume wasn’t too difficult to make. The materials I used mostly consisted of hot glue, old fabric, burlap and hay.

At the start of the night I was handing out candy from about 5 to 8 pm before I went to the party I was planning on going to. Surprisingly the first trick-or-treaters thought my costume was funny and friendly… they were the only ones. Almost every single trick-or-treater after that got wide eyed and nervous as I walked to the door. Our spooky music and yard decorations most likely set the perfect tone to scare them.

I walked into the Halloween party as Scarecrow Joe and slowly heard the voices of people I passed go dim. Once I made it into the main room everyone was silent, and at first I didn’t understand why at all. Then I realized that my crow Caren and I had walked into a party of people I hadn’t met before as the creepiest character they had seen all night. Eventually I did take my  mask off to let them see the human behind the pumpkin, but for about an hour and a half the party guests were very, very shy around me.

By the end of the night almost everyone had warmed up to ol’  Joe except for one girl dressed as a character from Clockwork Orange. I tried to assure her that I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she must have had a traumatic experience with scarecrows because most of the time she ran. Eventually I realized I should just stay away from her to not ruin her night.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy my costume as much as I enjoyed making it and wearing it!