We made our  Zombie Truckers couple costume out of cardboard and spray painted along with some props of dead body parts and blood. At first we had just made a plain Usf Holland semi for a costume and posted it to Facebook to see friends reactions and it wasn’t appealing enough for us so we went ahead and made it look like it came off the set of a horror movie by putting fake body parts and blood all over it, then posted another picture of it on Facebook and peoples reactions were astonishing.

So that made us more excited to go show it off at local contest but we had to step up our appearance and we turned ourselves into zombies with makeup and blood along with the torn clothing. We went to 2 contest and won at both of them. The crowd at both contests were amazed at how gruesome the truck and ourselves looked that peoples were lining up to take pictures with us and congratulating us on how good of a job we did. We were even in the local paper and the websites that the contest were held at.

We both love the Halloween season and we always try to go big every year for costume contest that all our friends and family are always curious of what we will be each year.