For my shirt, I took a chocolate t-shirt and turned it inside out. I cut the neck off and took leather string and sewed the sleeves and shirt to look like the photo. For my belt I took a dark brown t-shirt fabric and tie the ends together, the buckle is a kids mid evil shield form the dollar store that I cut in to a circle and put on the belt. I also got the axe from the dollar store

The wrist shield was also the dark brown t-shirt fabric and I used aluminum foil for the silver. The skirt was fabric I got a Walmart and sewed elastic to it and then cut it with to have the un even ends. I used long under ware for my legs and shirt. I dye them with Rit dye to get them green.

My ears were made out of Crayola Model Magic with wire in the inside that once dry I wrapped them onto a headband. I also used Crayola Model Magic to make my necklace and then put them on to the leather string. I used water base face paint. I took green and yellow to make the corrct color.

Hope you like my Homemade Princess Fiona Costume.