My son is a Pokemon fanatic! He asked and asked for a Pokemon Halloween costume, but I couldn’t find a costume. I found a few patterns online, but I simply didn’t have the time to go through that whole process. Instead, I asked my son to give me a picture and I made the following costume with a few yards of felt, minimal sewing, a hot glue gun, and a few items that I found around the house.

The result: A Pokemon Turtwig (turtle) that was the hit of his elementary school parade. More importantly, he was so happy to be dressed as something that he really loves.

This is how I did it: Firstly, I used an old wire hanger and a bicycle helmet to make his hat. I bent the hanger and stick the two bent ends into the holes on top of the helmet. So he wouldn’t be hurt, I put a small piece of felt inside the helmet to protect his head. I then covered the whole helmet with green felt.

I cut a piece of brown felt and cut/glued a piece to look kind of like a sock to over the top. The bottom of the sock was cut to look like a star, then glued to the helmet. Lastly, I used a piece of dark green felt and tied it to the hanger at the top (to look like leaves).

For the body, I used a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans as a pattern to make an over sized top and over sized pants. I sewed a small elastic drawstring on the pants so he could easily take it off if needed. With hand cut yellow felt, I had my son draw the yellow pieces that cover turtwigs limbs. I then used a hot glue gun to stick the felt on the end of each limb.

With light brown and dark brown felt, I made the shell on the back (using a sheet from the Sunday paper as a pattern so it would be the right size). I used hot glue to attach the brown felt, then I hand stitched the brown shell onto the top (it is only stitched halfway, not onto the pants) and did the same with the yellow center of the front (belly area). The newspaper pattern came in handy for this too. This ensured it was the same size/shape as the shell.

The last step was to take on old plastic mask and glue green felt over it. I used the last of the yellow and light brown felt for the eyes. Green mittens completed the costume.

The only things I purchased were 2.5 yards of light green felt and 1/2 of light brown, dark brown, yellow and dark green felt. I have a bit more felt left over, so I probably didn’t need that much. Total spent – less than $10.00.