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Coolest Midget Rapper Costume 18

by Remie M.
(Espanola, New Mexico)

Homemade Midget Rapper Costume

Homemade Midget Rapper Costume

My costume “Midget Rapper” is fairly easy, adaptable and cheap... First off the base (top) and face (front) of the radio are made out of the same material. It's a light weight thicker poster board that I bought from Hobby Lobby for $5.99. It came white but I fixed that with a $0.92 can of black spray paint. I also bought a $0.82 roll of masking tape to leave the parts I wanted white. I then cut the poster board in half and made 2 holes the size of my legs, determining where the box was going to sit.

I then got a pair of old kids shoes ($1 @ the local Salvation Army) and cut them in half and screwed them to the poster board so they wouldn’t move. I got a white marker pen $2.92 @ Wal-Mart and proceeded to paint the rest of the face of the radio. I got about a yd and a half of black material @ the crafts section of Wal-Mart (I got a thicker material and that ran about $4.00) and stapled it to the sides and back of the front and top.

The clothes I had, the bandanna I had, the mic I had, and so those ran me nothing. I also wired a small speaker so that the radio actually played music. I had it playing my music since I record positive rap music (

Everyone got a huge kick out of it. It was a little difficult to maneuver around in but well worth it! Everyone thought it was so original and unique. Nobody at work had anything like it

All together, I paid about $15.00 for this costume. You can make it into anything that suits you; anything that you want standing on a box, radio, TV, anything your imagination can think of... and I spend maybe 45 min tops making it…

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by: Anonymous

Great costume man, I may just have to use it for a last minute idea


Looking good! But I was wondering if you can sit down without taking the costume off?

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