My costume “Midget Rapper” is fairly easy, adaptable and cheap… First off the base (top) and face (front) of the radio are made out of the same material. It’s a light weight thicker poster board that I bought from Hobby Lobby for $5.99. It came white but I fixed that with a $0.92 can of black spray paint. I also bought a $0.82 roll of masking tape to leave the parts I wanted white. I then cut the poster board in half and made 2 holes the size of my legs, determining where the box was going to sit.

I then got a pair of old kids shoes ($1 @ the local Salvation Army) and cut them in half and screwed them to the poster board so they wouldn’t move. I got a white marker pen $2.92 @ Wal-Mart and proceeded to paint the rest of the face of the radio. I got about a yd and a half of black material @ the crafts section of Wal-Mart (I got a thicker material and that ran about $4.00) and stapled it to the sides and back of the front and top.

The clothes I had, the bandanna I had, the mic I had, and so those ran me nothing. I also wired a small speaker so that the radio actually played music. I had it playing my music since I record positive rap music (

Everyone got a huge kick out of it. It was a little difficult to maneuver around in but well worth it! Everyone thought it was so original and unique. Nobody at work had anything like it

All together, I paid about $15.00 for this costume. You can make it into anything that suits you; anything that you want standing on a box, radio, TV, anything your imagination can think of… and I spend maybe 45 min tops making it…