My kids love this movie, so it seemed the perfect choice for Halloween this year to make a Homemade WALL-e and EVE Costumes. Lots of cardboard, duct tape and hot glue!

WALL-e started with a box, of course. Painted the box yellow, cut a head hole and arm holes. We printed the letters from the DVD cover and then enlarged them, cut them out and glued to the box. We used an old piece of computer on the front, duct tape along the top and then green craft foam with black stripes for the “solar panel.”

The wheels and treads: slices cut from a pool noodle for the 3 wheels on each side, painted black and then used dowels to attach the 3 together (kind of like Tinker toys.) Wrapped a piece of black duct tape around the wheels to form the triangle shape and then hot-glued pieces of cardboard painted in gray and black for the “treads.” We were going to put the treads all the way around, but it was becoming somewhat heavy for our little 4 yr old, so we just put them on the front.

Finally, I added some messy spray paint in brown and a coppery color to make it look old and rusted. His “goggles” were made from a pair of play safety goggles and we cut the shape from cardboard and attached it to the goggles. The cardboard was covered with lots of duct tape, some black electrical tape to outline the eyes, and a few little nuts hot-glued on for detail. The sides of the goggles were created from Crystal Lite cans cut in half and covered with duct tape. He wore a yellow shirt, dark pants and gray gloves. We had made some cardboard and duct tape “hands” but our son didn’t want to wear them… the gloves were easier and more comfortable.

EVE started with a swing-top garbage can. We cut out the front circle and put in black metal mesh with blue ovals painted on for eyes. There is a ball cap with the brim cut off hot-glued inside. We were intending to use the base of the garbage can for the body… but she just looked like a garbage can, so we had to come up with something else. (There is a wonderful Eve costume on a website called “instructables,” but we were not able to find the garbage can they used which was a perfect shape, so we had to try another idea.)

We eventually settled on ½ inch foam that we formed into a tube/cylinder and tapered at the bottom. We used duct tape, hot glue and a sewing machine to keep it all together. Nothing sticks well to the foam. We covered the cylinder with a white vinyl/slicker-type material attached with hot glue. The straps were the same fabric and there is a wire ring around the top edge to help keep the shape. The leaf symbol is just construction paper with craft foam leaf shapes. We plan to add a ring around the circle with a green glo-stick bracelet for trick-or-treating. She wore black pants and a white long-sleeved shirt with white gloves.

Wall-E was pretty easy, but EVE was more of a challenge. All in all, we are all very pleased with the final result.