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Coolest Homemade Wall-E and Eve Couple Costume

We decided to dress up as Wall-E and Eve for this Halloween. Here is how we made our Homemade Wall-E and Eve Couple Costume:

For Eve’s costume, I bought a white 22 gallon trash can with a push/swing lid. I cut a hole for the face and hot-glued the other side of the lid to the top of the trash can. For the helmet, we cut a black mesh bag and glued that to the inside of the hole. Lastly, we took blue sunglass lenses and taped that on the inside of the black mesh bag. We cut the body of the trash can into two pieces and rounded out the bottom. Then we took some cloth about 3″ wide and hot glued/white duct-taped it to the sides of the trash can in order to connect them.

From here on, it became easier. We took a white LED light, cut out green plastic, put an image of a leaf on the inside of the green plastic and then used putty to stick that to the LED light. That was Eve’s light. We put a blue light-up pen on her cardboard arm and that served as the laser.

For Wall-E, I got a large cardboard box and 6 pieces of white poster board. First, I cut the opening for Wall-E’s stomach/garbage collector. Then I spray-painted those pieces of poster board orange-brown. I then duct-taped the top to look like metal. That was easy. Wheels were just strips of cardboard, duct-taped black and shaped into a triangle. They were then tied to the box. A hook was also installed on the back to hold Wall-E’s cooler.

The helmet was tricky. I took a long piece of cardboard and bent it to the shape of Wall-E’s head. I duct-taped the head and made the eyes out of pieces of white paper; I then cut them out, glued them to clear plastic and then duct-taped them to the helmet.

We had so much fun with our costumes and many people complimented us and took pictures. Hand- made costumes are the best because they show creativity and are tons of fun!

Wall-E Costume

Wall-E Costume

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  1. First of all, NICE. Second of all, that’s definitely the most badass homemade Halloween costume I’ve ever seen. Great job guys.


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