Our four year old was going to be The Cat In The Hat for Halloween and very much wanted his two brothers (ages two and 8 months) to be Thing 1 & Thing 2. I did not like any of the costumes available in stores (and none would fit the baby) so I found this website and discovered how to make these Homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 with The Cat In The Hat Costumes.

I used solid red one piece fleece sleepers purchased from Baby Gap. That was the only place I found that had solid red, having looked everywhere. For the baby, I used a tea cup saucer and traced two circles (one for the front of the costume and one for the back) on white self-adhesive felt, purchased at a craft store. I cut out the two circles and placed self-adhesive black lettering that spelt Thing 2 on the circles. I used a toboggan hat that we already had and hot-glued one bright blue feather boa onto it. I stretched the hat over a crock from my kitchen as I glued the boa onto it.

For my two year old, I used a salad plate (slightly bigger than the tea cup saucer) and traced two circles on self adhesive felt. I cut out the circles and placed self-adhesive black lettering for Thing 1. I used another toboggan hat we already had and hot glued two feather boas to this hat. Once again I used a large kitchen crock for this hat. He also wore a pair of red gloves purchased from Once Upon A Child for $1.00.

For my four year old, who was The Cat In The Hat, I used this black one-piece body suit which belonged to another costume. I removed the cape from the back and bought the following: A Cat In the Hat set which included the signature hat, gloves & red bow tie. I purchased a black tail from the same Halloween store as the three-piece set. I hot-glued part of a white feather boa to the tip of the black tail and sewed the tail onto the costume (in such a way that would enable me to remove the tail later and re-use the body suit in the future).

I purchased very long, fluffy self-adhesive white fun fur (11” x 15” square) from the craft store. I cut a large oval and stuck it onto the front of the body suit. I also sewed the red bow tie onto the body suit because my son did not find it comfortable tied around his neck. He also had outgrown his old slippers so we bought him these cat feet slippers for fun and he wore them for pictures, although not for trick-or-treating.

For all three of these costumes I purchased the following from the craft store:
– one pack of small black self-adhesive lettering ($0.99)
– one pack of large black self-adhesive lettering ($1.99)
– three pieces (10” x 8”) of white self-adhesive felt ($0.99 each)
– three bright blue feather boas and one white mini boa ($1.99 each for the blue and $0.99 for the white)
– one piece of long white self-adhesive fun fur- ($2.99).

I also had to purchase a hot glue gun. I bought a very small low-temperature gun and it worked great. It cost $2.99 and the refill glue was $0.99 for a 20 pack of sticks. My total at the craft store would have been about $21.00 but I used coupons from the newspaper and spent even less than that. My total bill from the Halloween store, for the Cat in the Hat accessories, was $22.00. I could have spent much less here had I made the entire black tail, the red bow tie and the gloves for my four year old.

These costumes were a lot of fun to make. I would like to point out that I had never made anything before, and did not even own a hot glue gun before this adventure. I am hooked now and want to make their costumes next year too! Everyone says it will be hard to top this but I’m going to try!