My husband and I have been doing couple costumes for Halloween ever since we met. The college I attended REALLY got into Halloween, so we just kept up the tradition of dressing up for Halloween after I graduated. We like coming up with different ideas, something we know no one else will show up wearing the same thing of and we knew we never saw a Rock’em Sock’em Robots costume attempted.

I have to say, coming up with the HOW to create this Homemade Rock’em Sock’em Robots Couple Halloween Costume Idea was way more difficult then imagined. We had very different ideas on what to make it with, how to attach things, how were we going to make it functional to walk around and most importantly – how were we going to get out of the thing to go to the restroom?! We definitely wanted to incorporate the yellow ring, so we put our minds together and the finished outcome was better then we could have imagined!

Heres how: The bodies were cut from large pails we found at our local hardware store (can you believe they had the exact colors we needed). We used paper roll tubes for the posts and painted them yellow. Drilled holes and strung the clothes line rope threw. We used 3 pieces of foam board stacked and glued together for the sturdy base of the ring, cut holes, then draped a banner I printed off at work with the logos printed on a yellow background. Now for the tricky part, to hold it up we were lucky enough to find the pails which had handles on them. We left the handles on, tied rope on mountain climbing clips and well, were stuck together the entire night.

We had a great time. A stranger even paid us 20 bucks just to hit each other for a couple of minutes and after butting heads with creating the costume I think my husband enjoyed it a little TOO much.