I started my Perky Peacock costume by purchasing real peacock feathers in bulk on the internet.

To create the tail, I took a foam disc and started poking the feathers into it. I shortened some to help create the fan look. I also cut two holes in the disc, through which to stick the pink scarf; that was used as a belt to hold the tail on.

I wore black dance shorts and a blue leotard. Since it was going be cool outside, I wanted to make sure my legs were covered so I got a pair of purple and black striped tights, which also added an extra splash of color.

My favorite part of the costume was my eye lashes. At a local costume shop, I found lashes with blue feathers attached to the corners. They were so fun and I loved them.

Finding the perfect peacock shoes was a challenge. I wasn’t sure what peacock shoes should look like, so I looked around hoping to be inspired. Finally, the night before Halloween, I found a pair of blue and teal pearl-like stilettos, which were the perfect peacock shoes!

My peacock costume was a great success. I had so many people telling me how much they loved it and asking me where I got the idea from.