I got the Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume Idea because I have always loved peacock feathers. I am a bartender at a sports bar and Halloween is a very busy time for us and we always dress to impress. I saw a beautiful peacock costume online for about $300.00 and thought to myself, “I know I can make something less expense and more unique than that.”

So I took a black dress that I already had and bought peacock “eyes,” green, blue and black feathers for the entire front of the dress. I used a hot glue gun to get them to stay and some black wire. On the back side of my costume I created a beautiful tail by using a hand fan and I glued feathers all over it and used Velcro so that when I had to drive I could easily remove my tail without ruining it.

Next was my make-up, I knew I wanted peacock feathers on my face, just wasn’t sure how or where. I put gems on the sides of my eyes because to me a peacock sparkles and I wanted to sparkle as well. My hair came next, I created a mohawk look and then bobby pinned my mini peacock in my hair and then added braids with peacock feathers in them for an extra touch.

Over all I love this costume and will wear it again in the future.