My costume is a Homemade Halloween TechyBot Robot Costume made out of painted cardboard boxes. For the eyes of the robot I used 2 full-size D battery halogen bulb flashlights. Taping into both flash lights switches and running 16 gauge wires from the “helmet” through the right hand ventilation tube with a switch at the end allowed me to turn on/off the flashlights with my hands. (worked great!).

The 8 lights on the body of the robot were 8 small sized AA battery powered flashlights. The 8 flash lights were tapped into and wired all together just like the full size flashlights and a switch was place for the left hand allowing me to strobe the lights fast or keep them on or off. Colored DJ light gels where made for the flash lights to change the colors of the light emitted by the flashlights.

For the mouth of the robot I added my iPhone with the Mouth off iPhone application. The iPhone was mounted inside the box with tape hold it in place. The application shows a mouth, many different designs, including a robot mouth; which looked perfect! The application uses the built-in iPhone microphone and moves the mouth according to what you speak into it.

On top of the helmet I added a small battery powered fan motor with a upside down plastic hanger attached to it. The hanger gives the impression of a sonar radar type of Gizmo. The batteries for the fan were mounted inside the top of the helmet. On the chest of the robot I hot glued a few PC graphic cards, EIDE cables, VGA cables, etc. to give it the look of a computer control board.

For the arms and legs I used ventilation ducts that were seamlessly attached to the card board box from the inside with duct tape. The final product was great. I was a hit at a friend’s annual Halloween party. Crowds would gather around TechyBot and look in awe. Everyone also wanted a picture with the coolest Homemade Halloween TechyBot Robot Costume at the party.

The costumes total cost was somewhere around $200, but the product was worth the price, the 15 hrs to build it, and much more. The costume was exceptional and has motivated me to create my custom costume every year.