I am a big fan of the movie Christmas Vacation and I wanted to recreate my favorite character Cousin Eddie for Halloween. I went on Ebay and found a short white robe that was similar to the one Cousin Eddie wore while pumping out is RV(15$). I also went on Ebay and found a white belt to wear but you can probably find one at a local store too(12$).

I found the trooper hat on amazon.com but you can find them anywhere online (20$). I supplied my own dress socks and shoes as everyone should probably own a pair of these. I went to Lowes and got a piece of hose cut to carry around that night (2$). Finally I purchased a cigar at the gas station to complete the costume (2$).

I let my facial hair grow out a couple of days to get the five o’clock shadow look. To play the character I basically just walked around the party carrying a beer and reciting Cousin Eddie quotes like “Merry Christmas” and “Sh*tter was full” all night.

This Homemade Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation Costume was a fun and easy costume that everybody loved and I did it all for around 50 dollars.