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Coolest Homemade Candy Raver Costume

by Megan
(Vancouver,BC, Canada)

Homemade Candy Raver Costume

Homemade Candy Raver Costume

We dressed up like a Candy Raver Costume in 2007. The costumes were super cheap to make. We went to the dollar store and bought tons of neon and then dug through Jane's closet to fish out some of her old outfits.

The costumes were a hit and I will definitely repeat it one Halloween. No offense to Candy Ravers!

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Cool costume!
by: Anonymous

I love it! I was a raver back in my hay day!
I think this is most original!

by: Anonymous

i love it maybe this is what ill be for Halloween

by: Anonymous

I am a raver and people do dress up like that i prefer to look more sexy, haha

by: philly

i wouldn't say i was a candy raver but i'm such a raver haha love the whole genre, its class cause it's fun and ya have a laugh

by: Jello

i really like this idea lol
i'm stealing it (:
Happy Halloween!!

by: Anonymous

Hah, i'ma candy girl and that sounds good(: my style is a little different though.

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