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Coolest Homemade Batman Costume Idea 22

by Cyrus Lum
(Austin, TX, USA)

My Finished Batman Costume

My Finished Batman Costume

My Finished Batman Costume
Wings Extended on Batman
Close-up of Batman Cowl
Sculpt, Cast, Vacuum Form, Fabric

I wanted to get back to the old "Batman in cloth" cape and cowl - like in the comics. I also wanted a homemade Batman costume that was "Party Friendly" - something that was easy to get on, lightweight, something that wouldn't be like a sauna (most rubber cowls make you sweat like crazy), something that let me move around freely (you can't turn your head in most rubber cowls), something that, if I got tired of being Batman, I could easily wear the mask as a hat so I could show my face.

I decided to use craft foam - because it is lightweight and easily available at most craft and hobby stores. To really get some cool detail into the mask, I also decided that I would vacuum form the craft foam. I've never done any of this before, so I thought I'd give it try for this Halloween...why not?

I came up with a mask design and then sculpted it using super Sculpey over a generic head armature. After finishing, I baked the clay to harden it and then made a rubber mold of the sculpture. From this rubber mold, I cast a "master" in plaster. This "master" is what I'll use to vacuum form a sheet of craft foam over.

Then, I built a cheap home vacuum former using plans that I found here...,-cheap,-upgradeable-sheet-plastic-vacu/

Then I heated up the craft foam in an oven, took it out, turned on the vacuum cleaner, put the heated craft foam over the "master' and pressed down...

After that, I cut out the mask, glued a black spandex fabric over the surface, and tried on the mask. I also pinned the remaining fabric so that I could sew it up later to complete the cowl.
Lastly, I put a "see-through" black fabric in the eyes to make the costume look more mysterious. I made it so that if I decided I didn't want to be "mysterious" anymore, I could just flip the eye fabric up and out of the way.

The cape is a 6 panel scallop design - I just followed the pattern and used a sewing machine to stitch it together. I also added graphite rods so I could extend the wings. The body suit is spandex that had a "dye sub" picture printed on it to give the illusion of muscles - this was a custom bodysuit designed by someone else.

The gloves, boots and belt all were inexpensive items that came from a Halloween store.

Getting out with the costume last weekend was great! - I got a lot of compliments - people liked the unique look. I liked the idea that the costume didn't get in the way of me having fun at the parties - I could move, dance, take pictures, and hang-out without feeling like I'm trapped in my costume.

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by: Andrew

Nice Job! I am trying the same type thing because I am sick of rubber cowls. Hopefully mine will look half as good as yours. You should ware it to the dark knight rises showing in July. God Bless.

by: B.Wayne

i want one lemme know if ur interested in working on commission to make one for me man

by: Jon

Email me if you are willing to be commissioned to make a cowl very similar but with a "Justice league doom" style Batman!

Please let me know at

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