There’s a resident peacock at Woodland Park Zoo who often shows up at the same time and location to present his feathers. The last time I saw the peacock’s display, I thought that the moment right after he let down his feathers was so beautiful–it reminded me of an elaborate ball gown. That’s where my Homemade Peacock Costume idea originated, and when the four year old nanny suggested I be a peacock for Halloween, I HAD to make it happen!

I used:
125 peacock feathers from an online wholesale floral company
1 form fitting dress I found at a second hand store
1 very full, long skirt from a different second hand store
2 small packs of guinea hen plumage from Joann fabrics
1 piece of royal blue fabric (about the length and width of a scarf) from Joann fabrics.
Royal blue glitter
Head band
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread
Tin foil and masking tape
Newspaper cuttings
Flour and water

I pressed tin foil around my head and put masking tape around the tin foil to help hold the shape. I then put vaseline in my tin foil mold and used equal parts flour and water, and some newspaper clippings to paper-mâché the inside of the mold. After the drying process I removed the paper-mâché from the tin foil, cut it to the shape I wanted, then covered it with spray adhesive and glitter. After the adhesive dried, I hot glued the head piece to a head band.

The form fitting dress I found was floor length. I left the back long, but shortened the front by picking up the dress at the knee and hand sewing it to the waistline. Unfortunately I had no luck finding a blue dress, so I covered the front with spray adhesive and blue glitter. I then hot glued the guinea feathers to the side of the dress near the outer thigh.

I laid the long, full skirt on the ground and began hot glueing the peacock feathers onto the skirt. I started with the longest feathers and worked my way up from the bottom of the skirt to the waist. Then, I used scissors to trim any quills that stretched beyond the waistline, and hot glued my piece of royal blue fabric over the trimmed quills. After the glue set, I hand sewed the skirt to the back of my form fitting dress at the waistline.