Ladies and Gentlemen,  introducing Olaf and Marshmallow the endearing snowmen from Frozen!

My latest costume inspiration came from the popular Frozen movie. I wanted to make a costume that my grandchild and I could wear together.   Frozen is her latest obsession and she loves the Olaf character. For myself, I wanted to wear something appropriate for a 54 year old ,so I decided on a costume I could hide in because Anna and  Elsa are  too young for me to pull off.

The Olaf costume is super lightweight and comfy for my grandchild and has good visibility. The base of the costume is butcher paper and  duct tape. The base is covered with fleece fabric with craft foam eyes and a fleece nose. The body is tulle tied onto a crochet band at the top and a small hula hoop at the bottom. The body was then covered with fleece . I used a thrift store T-shirt for a liner so the scratchy tulle doesn’t come into contact with skin. I am proud to say it is one of the most comfortable costumes I have ever made!

On the other hand, the Marshmallow costume that i designed for myself is heavy and uncomfortable.  The Marshmallow costume was created first. I wanted to challenge myself by trying all new materials that i had never worked with before. Initially , I rummaged through  the house to find things that I was sending to the thrift store and came upon a couple of old yoga mats. At first I had no idea how to put them to use. I decided to tru using a household silicon type cement to piece the mat together using straight pins to keep the pieces together as the cement set up.

The method worked but it was excruciatingly slow. I could only assemble a couple of pieces a day. It was more important that the cement was set completely than that I could progress quickly. It ended up taking a couple of months and nearly $250. in added materials to complete this costume. Never would I have started this project if I had know how many trips I would have to make back to the hardware store to purchase more cement. I probably used about 15 tubes in all .

Basically, the costumes is made from cutting out construction paper into pattern pieces,cutting the yoga mats and gluing them together, I just made it up as I went along. I watched the movie scenes ove and over and looked at images to decide what pose and expression I wanted the character to have, The yoga mats were too hard to make the facial features from so i used an oven bake clay and glued it to the head. I added a lot of caulking to blend it in.

When I had the base done I then caulked all the seams and applied a 3 thick coats of a white house paint over everything. For shadowing I crushed some blue sidewalk chalk and painted it in to the creases. Finally, I painted inside the eyes and mouth with blue acrylic paint.

Many , many days I wondered what I had gotten myself into. But, I thought the costume was showing promise and I just had to stick with it to see how it came out. Now, I can’ wait to see the reaction of friends and family when they see Grandma plodding around as a snow monster!