The administrators at the special needs school I work in needed a fun group costume idea. Who doesn’t love the Fraggles?!?! We searched and found some highly priced costumes to order then we came across a few how-to’s and went to it. The best part was choosing who got to be which Fraggle character! Loud-mouthed Red, leader Gobo, goofy Wembley, superstitious Boober, spiritual Mokey, and of course the hard-working Doozers!

The hardest part was finding the correct color in the fabric. We used cheap $1.99 baseball caps and even cheaper .99 foam visors for the face parts. We applied the fabric with hot glue all around the hat leaving on part open to stuff batting in. We covered the visor with the same fabric. The eyes are made from two ping-pong balls with pupils drawn on with permanent marker.

The hair is made from yarn and is either made up from pom-poms or attached long strands depending on the individual Fraggle. The tails we made from rolled and hot glued pieces of the “skin” fabric and a matching puff of yarn to match the hair on the end.

For the clothing-wearing Fraggles, we found shirts that matched their outfits. For the nonclothing-wearing Fraggles, we used new bathmats that matched the “skin” color. We added any accessories that the Fraggles wore such as hats, necklaces, and scarfs. For the Doozers, we purchased light green sweat suits, yellow felt for the pockets and attachments, and yellow strapping for the utility belt.

We found great foam construction hats and attached silver pipe cleaners for antennae. We had a blast running around in our costumes, playing the Fraggle Rock theme song all day long!