My dad and I are a team when it comes to Halloween. Since I was a young girl, I would tell him what I wanted to be and he would paint, cut, hot glue, and/or build whatever I needed to create the most authentic costume possible. For this female Zoltar costume from the movie BIG and for all of my costumes as an adult I rummage thrift stores starting as early as July for different items of clothing that I can cut, sew together or embellish to create the look I want.

For Zoltar, I bought a turban from a local beauty supply store, then bought burgundy and purple material, sewed it into two sleeve-like tubes and stuffed them with poly fill and sewed them by hand cross ways onto the turban. I then hot glued purple peacock feathers to the front of the turban, and sewed on a large jeweled piece that I purchased from Michaels. For the shirt, I purchased a velvet button down shirt from a local thrift store, added large shoulder pads, and sprayed it with spray paint in royal colors. I used a graduation gown top to make a color  and the gold chain was made of spray painted Elastic band that I hot glued multicolored jewels to.

The medallion was made of cardboard covered with gold material and jewels. I was painted a light beige,  had a glued on beard and red contact lenses. My dad built the Zoltar booth, which was modeled directly after the one in the film. I even made cards which I could pass through a shute inside.