My twin sons are obsessed with Thomas the Train. So, we took an old broken down wagon and made it into a giant Thomas for them to ride in while dressed as engineers.

For their DIY Thomas the Train Halloween Costume:
We had two train hats we got for $5 at a train museum gift shop (with sewed on badges from a local train ride).
We found two pairs of jean overalls at the Once Upon a Child ($3 each) and paired them with a long john shirt and a bandanna (red for Sam and blue for Dave).
They also have on train socks for a local sock store here in town. You can’t see them, but the boys loved ’em!
I also had two carthart jackets that my mother-in-law picked up for $3 each at a yard sale that we put on them when it got colder. They went PERFECTLY!

For Thomas:
1. We bolted the old wagon wheels to long sturdy board. Then spray painted the wheels, handle, and just the first few inches black. Then the rest of the board red.
2. Meanwhile, we took some old paneling from when we redid the bathroom, and cut them into an L-shape for the sides. Then spray painted them blue.
3. I used foam sheets from the craft store to make the windows and lines for Thomas’s side, and to make a third tire to hang between the two on the wagon. (Used hot glue to attach)
4. I used a Halloween bucket to outline a circle on cardboard for Thomas’s face. Then I spray painted that silver (kinda reflected at night) and used black and white foam for the eyes and mouth, using a black marker to draw the nose, mouth lines, and eyebrows. (hot glue)
5. I spray painted an oatmeal container black and hot glued puffs of paper towels for the smoke. Then used wood adhesive and hot glue to affix it to the front.
6. We used little red plastic lawn chairs for seats. :)

It was so much fun to make, but even more fun to drag around the neighborhood. The only problem was that all the kids wanted to ride!