I decided this year to make my Halloween costume rather than buy it, and I think I am hooked! The choice of costume was never up for debate, coolest Pokemon that I could think of was Charizard. I looked around online to see if there was any part of this costume I could buy whole to save some time and money but could only find the same person over and over who had made their DIY Pokemon Charizard Halloween costume as well, so I thought “well why not give it a whirl”.

To start off, I researched how Riley, the Canine Hybrid (thankyou so much!!!) made her Charizard costume:

I would be lying if I didn’t admit I watched her videos religiously while making my costume, to make sure I was going to succeed at this.

A couple friends and I ventured out to JoAnns fabric store and bought about $150 worth of fleece, foam, elastic, and what-nots, and I started right away when I got home on the feet.

The feet turned out awesome!

Next I finished the tail.

Then I hit a slump, I got really busy and it just fell to the wayside and before I knew it, I had one week, just ONE before a party was coming I had promised to wear my costume to! I hurried to make my mask and I finished that beauty on time, but I had no more time for a body suit, so I wore some orange clothes and hit the party. FLOP! Nobody knew who the wingless orange thing was :( but that’s ok. I went home, armed with my hot glue gun and my friend and her sewing machine we finished my wings and my body suit in time for Halloween.

I am so proud of the final results!!