Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, over the 4th of July my family, my brother’s family & my cousin and her son all went to see the Movie Despicable Me 2.  After the movie that kids started talking about how they would like to be characters from the movie for halloween and that’s what started it all….

The kids decided who everyone was going to be and I started making costumes.  The minions of course where the most time consuming.  I used a concrete forming tube they come in 8-10& 12 inches I used the 12 inch. The tube is 4 feet tall and I cut one taller than the other.  The top is a punch balloon. (the larger ones that have the rubber band to hit it)  You can get 3 for $1 at a dollar store.  Then paper mache the top to the top edge of the tube. Because the tube is a glossing finish I did a layer or paper down the tube too.  I cut out arm, mouth and eyes holes.  Painted it white about 3 times and they yellow about 3 more times.  The hair is black pipe cleaners.  I found large overalls and cut the top part off and fixed them to fit the tube.  Glued them on and added the G to the front out of felt.  The pants I themed they are what was left of the overalls that way it’s the same blue color.  Inside so that the weight of the tube is not on their arms I took a pool noodle & made like shoulder pads added a shoe string through each side of the tube  and then the knots from the strings are hid by the overalls.  The googles they are made from pvc pipe.  I cut them in half on a table saw & then cut a slit in each side for the strap.  The strap I got at jo ann’s .99 a yard and it took about 3 yards for each tube.

The purple minion I got a sun visor hat at party city that had purple hair on it.  I cut the purple hair off and sewed it to the top of a purple hoodie.  The teeth are made from foam and got gray overalls and added the M.  The marcho chain is made from gold foam paper and stuffed Mr. Marcho with pillows to make him big and fat.  Made a nose for Gru out of felt, had a friend make a black and gray scraf.  Lucy I was able to find a teal coat and added the large white buttons, painted some sunglasses teal and was able to find a wig and white purse.  Got material and made her scarf.  Edith & Margo was able to buy most of the costume materials at thirft stores and just add or remove things.  With Margo’s shirt I made the picture on it out of felt.  I also made flet shoe covers for Margo and had a friend make Edith’s hat.

Agnes I made the horse out of material and added pink ribbon along the edge.  The head of the horse is stuffing with a pool noodle and the added ribbon and eyes, ears, hair.  Made it look like she was sitting on the horse by adding legs on the side of the horse.  Used an old princess dress and cut it to look like the one she wore.  Then made a pool noodle belt so the that horse would lay around the waist.  Made the hat from a cardboard cone and added tulle for the gold.  The neighbor and the girl Gru when on a date with was mostly thirft store finds, a animal print dress and a white shirt and then added the orange glitter for the stripes.

And last but not least I made all the kids minion trick-or-treat bags.

The kids had a blast! even in the rain.  We were a hit everywhere we went.  We even had some family’s invite us into their home so that they could take pictures of us.  My niece while walking from house to house said “Aunt Kelly, were a pretty cool family huh?”  It was a lot of work but well worth the memories made that night.