We knew since March that my daughter wanted to be a peacock but when shopping online and at craft stores the feathers were kind of expensive. I lucked into an Amish discount store that sold me all the peacock feathers they had for $20. I was so excited.

I started out by taking one of my daughter’s gymnastics leotards and gluing the eyes of some of the peacock feathers onto her gymnastic suit. This was time consuming and I got burnt a few times. Next I made her a hairpiece out of a few sword feathers and eye feathers that I had and glued a piece of ribbon to a barrette clip then I glued the feathers to the piece of ribbon.

Next I started on the tail. I took a piece of thick cardboard and started with the tallest feathers and glued them in a fan design. Next I glued the next feathers on top of those feathers and so one until I was happy with the result. I added sword feathers here and there as well to complete the look I was going for.

I cut the cardboard in the same shape as the glued feathers but just a little bigger. I cut a piece of black material and glued it on the bottom to covers the bottom of the feathers, the glue and the cardboard. I attached Velcro on the small of the back of the gymnastic outfit and the bottom of the tail I just made. I also put Velcro on the opposite side of the tail so that she had the option to wear the tail up or down either one.

I completed the look by painting around her eyes with white and some black. I added blue glitter on her lips and around her eyes. I ordered peacock eye fake eyelashes and sprayed her hair the same blue as the blue in the feathers. I cut two peacock eyes and used spirit gum to adhere them to right above her eyebrows. I made her some feet out of gloves and stuffed with polyfil. She wore black leggings under the gymnastic outfit.

She won 1st place for her Homemade Child’s Peacock Costume at the costume contest and was getting compliments all night long. She even made the newspaper.