I saw a version of this Homemade Bubblegum Under a Chair Costume a long time ago that involved some pink garbage bags and the girl holding her chair up all night. I finally decided to do it, because it’s awesome. To date, it’s the best costume I’ve made.It was hilarious. It took some explanation at first, but once explained it got a lot of laughs. I think I just love it because it involved humor, sparkles, and Chuck Norris. Come on, is there anything more to life??

Here’s how the magic happened:
The chair is made out of an old Chuck Norris school folder and paper towel/toilet paper rolls. I simply cut the folder in half, used one half for the seat base and the other to fashion the ladderback portion of the chair. I cut slits in the tops of the tubes and flattened them out, giving a solid base for gluing but still retaining the tubular look. Afterward, I painted the entire thing with brown spray paint to provide a cohesive look. I wanted the chair to be functional on its own without having to hold it all day. I attached the “chair” to a simple brown headband using brown pipe cleaners glued to the middle of the bottom, then twisted together to provide support. After some work, the chair eventually stood up on its own and was even a bit bouncy. It was comical.

For the bubblegum, I found some simple pink fabric on clearance. I wasn’t into sewing it, so I pinned the inside with safety pins. You could sew it, I was feeling lazy. I turned the fabric tube inside out and stuffed it with quilt batting until it was sufficiently bubble gum-y. I pinned the giant tube to my shirt, and then wrapped it around until I looked like a giant wad of bubble gum. Lastly, I took some old flashy Christmas ornaments and stuck them in my hair so I would have “flavor crystals”. Anyone remember those?

As I mentioned, HILARIOUS. The only bummer was that earlier in the month I had decided to put spider webs above my desk, and my chair kept getting caught. Ah, the things we deal with for awesome.