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Coolest Frank Einstein Costume

Our daughter came up with the idea to combine Frankenstein’s monster with Dr. Albert Einstein…and the Homemade Frank Einstein Costume was born! We found a white lab coat and green scrub pants at the local Goodwill, and bought green face paint, spirit gum (and remover!), cheap black eyeliner and a crazy white wig at a big-chain retailer. The outfit went together easily. She dressed in the lab coat and scrubs. Then we painted her face and neck green, adding the eyeliner scars, and topped her mop with the wig. We pulled white cotton balls into thick strands, and applied the cotton ball eyebrows and mustache using spirit gum, following the directions on the package. We cut a cork in half, then covered in aluminum foil, and applied to the sides of her neck with spirit gum.

The finishing touch was a sticker ID tag placed on the lab coat. Nobody recognized her, and she was a hit at the school’s Fall Festival!

Homemade Frank Einstein Costume

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