We started the annual process of picking out what to be for Halloween this year and could not figure it out for the life of us. We took a trip to the local thrift store, saw the leather jacket and BOOM we had it!! We decided on a Homemade Bad Danny and Sandy from Grease Couple Costume

Danny: After we had the $4 leather jacket, we stopped at Michaels on the way home and picked up 5 sheets of white foam. I googled the T Birds jacket, printed out the letters, traced them onto the foam sheets and cut out the letters & Bird. All we needed was a little gorilla glue and BAM – there’s your jacket!! I purchased an Elvis wig and everything else we had at home, white socks, white shirt, black belt & black dress pants. Total cost: $30 – the wig was $20

Sandy: All I really needed for Sandy was the blonde wig, of course we waited until the last minute and blonde wigs were obsolete at that point. We purchased a Miss Piggy wig, I cut the nose attachment off and used a little Frizz-Ease product to get the wig super smooth. I found a good pair of leggings, a black top in my closet, a black leather bomber jacket & borrowed my friend’s red shoes. Total cost: $30 for the wig

It was by far one of the best Halloween costume idea EVER, we had so much fun!!!