My  9 year old daughter loves bacon so much she asked if she could be BACON for Halloween.  At first I thought she was joking, but after a lot of persistence I decided to make her a bacon costume.

Figuring it out

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted her to look. I didn’t want her to be a flabby, flappy piece of bacon. She needed to be a nice crispy, delicious strip of meat from the finest cut of pork. Not too fatty either!! The coloring had to be perfect too. Not red or brown but a blending of both colors with creamy colored strips of fat. Only the good bacon is allowed in our house.

The Materials

We live in Indiana and it is usually pretty cold on Halloween so I didn’t want it to be a thin costume that required her to wear lots of clothing underneath. I decided to use felt and batting to make the costume. I bought a fabulous burgundy-colored felt as well as some ecru felt for the fat.

The Design

My daughter is very tactile and I knew she wouldn’t like how the inside batting felt so I used felt for the inner and outer pieces with the batting in the middle. This created a very firm and warm piece of bacon.

I had my daughter lay on a piece of the burgundy felt and marked the material where I wanted the length. I then cut the batting and put it in between a folded piece of felt. I sewed around the outside of the felt to make a rectangle. I did this for the back and the front pieces

To make the face hole I used my sewing machine to sew a circle in the costume where I thought her face would need to go. I made the circle slightly bigger than her head so she had room to adjust as needed. I then cut out the circle with scissors inside of the sewed area. I used burgundy duct tape around the edges to hide the white foam that showed through.  I sewed together the two pieces, leaving arm opening so she could put her arms through.  I cut the ecru felt into wavy pieces and hot-glued them to the front and back of the costumes.

Once completed, we noticed that costume kept falling over her face so added elastic that connected the front and back right above her head to hold it in place.

Taste Test

Without a doubt, she was the most tasteful tricker-treater out on Halloween. Everyone that saw her said how delicious she looked and she ended up with her biggest bag of candy ever.