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Coolest Homemade Bacon and Eggs with Toast Costume

I made this easy Homemade Bacon and Eggs with Toast Costume. I used quilting batting for the egg white, and yellow felt for the yolk. I stuffed the yolk with more batting and hand-sewed the yolk onto the white. I sewed the shoulders and sides together and my son wore it over a white turtleneck.

For the bacon “arms” I took long strips of red felt and added tan felt strips to make it look like the fat. Then, I sewed elastic on the back of the bacon to make it look wrinkled up. I took more elastic and sewed loops at the top and bottom of the bacon so my son could slide it on his arm. You also need a loop at the elbow.

For the toast, it’s simply a piece of foam board spray painted to look like toast and a yellow sponge for the butter.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Bacon and Eggs with Toast Costume”

  1. I prefer my eggs scrambled! Bread needs to be toasted not just warm. It’s pretty awesome fantastically cool. I quite like the bacon and the yolk. Awesome! Peace Out Brother.

  2. I used this idea to make a French toast costume for my high school French club. It is now a tradition to wear it at Homecoming. Love it :)


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