My son is getting old enough to pick his own costume now (boo for me). On the upside though, we usually have several “festivities” to go to between school parties, parties with friends and Trick or Treating, that he has had to have two costumes each year so as to not destroy his “main” costume. Long story short, I get to pick one and he gets to pick the “main” one. In 2011, he REALLY wanted to be Donald Duck. (will post that another time… it was AWESOME!!!).  I spent many grueling hours putting that duck costume together that it was just NOT going to be messed up before he wore it Trick or Treating.

The costume I picked… Alfalfa! So easy to put together. A button up shirt, a bow tie made from ribbon, some suspenders, high water pants, argyle socks and some loafers (all stuff we either had on hand or picked up at the thrift store). I dotted a few freckles on his chubby cheeks but the kicker was the hair. He doesn’t have long hair so I had to find something to stick up in the back. After I parted his hair straight down the middle and slicked it down with gel, I sprayed it black. For the little sprout in the back, I tacky glued a black feather to his hair. It was awesome. He played hard all night at the party with his friends, everybody pulled on it and it didn’t budge. He even slept in it without it coming out. I bathed him the next morning and with a little shampoo it came right out.

He won 1st place at his party for his costume and it was super easy to do!