My dogs Sebastian (a 4 1/2 year old yorkie) and Pepper (a 2  1/2 year old pit-mix) are  no strangers to the occasional mischief so I set out to design and create costumes that really brought out their personalities as well as challenging my creativity.

They are DOUBLE TROUBLE at times so I knew the inspiration for the costumes was starting to become clearer.  Sebastian is such a little lover so he perfectly embodied the sweetness of the character “Gizmo”. Pepper, also a little lover is in her “terrible twos” so she definitely has a little mischievous streak that I thought “Stripe ” showed very well in the  “Gremlins” movie, my favorite from my childhood.

With my concept in place I spent a total of $26.71 for felt, hot glue sticks, and a package of fiber stuffing. After sketching out the pieces of both costumes onto paper, I did my dogs’ measurements and then used a marker to draw all the pieces onto the felt materials.

Next, I began the process of cutting out each piece and it’s mirrored opposite double so I could later stuff hot-glue the edges around each piece leaving the inside hollow. After all my piece edges were glued together, I began the endless process of stuffing the insides so as to make the costumes appear 3-dimensional.

The costumes were fitted so that when the dogs sit, it gives the appearance that their costume characters are standing up on two legs as they do in the movie. I had made straps with Velcro attached that I was able to securely hold the costumes together once on the dogs. The Velcro straps were also utilized for both costumes helmet ears: an under the chin Velcro strap was hot glued strategically so the final “helmet” piece of the costume could easily be worn hat-style and securely & snuggly fitted and held in place.

All in all the overall construction took only a couple of days working 5-6 hours each day. Getting the dogs to stay still for the photo shoot was a reality show in the making! LOL let’s just say that A LOT of treats were in deed consumed after midnight to get the perfect shot! Hahahaha…

I’m very pleased with my creations and hope that you enjoy them as well.