My son is obsessed with Star Wars right now.  So when I asked him what he waned to be for Halloween, there was no hesitation to pick Boba Fett.  He says Boba Fett is way cooler than any Jedi because he has a blaster gun and a jett pack. When I was thinking about how to make his costume, we decided on the Lego version. I started saving boxes for what seemed like forever.  My goal was to have as much of a recycled costume as possible.

The body and legs are completely made out of cardboard boxes and duct tape. I spray painted the whole thing silver and then painted the design on the top. I outlined the design with Sharpie marker to really define it and make it stand out.  The helmet is made out of a domed piece of Styrofoam and scored cardboard. The antenna is a dowel rod and a piece of a foam sandpaper block.  The jett pack is 2 2-liter bottles, scrap cardboard and a shoe box cover. I used duct tape to smooth out the edges and attach it together. I spray painted it green and hot glued it to the back. I topped it off with a scrap of brown fabric for the cape and Boba Fett was complete.

My son loves it!  Now, I just have to convince him he can’t wear it to school everyday and he has to wait for Halloween. May the force be with you!