This  Genie of the Lamp costume was tedious but the outcome was perfect. I started with a simple tee shirt, cut it across the middle, cut off the sleeves and split it down the middle to make a vest. I adorned it with rhinestones, cheap chain, upholstery trim, felt and chrome poster board to cover up any logos. The remaining scrap of the shirt was turned into a belt, covered in duct tape and then I hot glued poly fill all over and glued Velcro to the ends to fasten it.

I then wrapped grocery bags around a piece of wire and glued more pollyfill to it to make a tail. The lamp was made of that craft foam material that comes in sheets for scrap booking. I got the gold glitter kind and just kind of winged a origami esque lamp out of it and included a strap to go around the shoe. The final part was twisting and gluing all the pipe cleaners to help hold the stuffing together and to ad a bit more texture to the look.

The black pants is what makes it because most Halloween parties are at night, so your legs just disappear leaving the lamp and tail. The hardest part was the poly fill and attaching the tail just so so that it wouldn’t interfere with my walking. I had to use several heavy duty safety pins to get it secured to the pant leg. The lamp was challenging too in that I could not adjust the lean it kept shifting to; if I had more time I could of fixed it.

The most tedious part was the pipe cleaner swirlies. I went through a TON of hot glue. I wasn’t aware of the costume contest at the party, but I won it anyway, lol.