I started thinking of what to wear last year when I won the office costume contest. I had a few ideas and then in July I started working on my Genie on a flying carpet.

I worked on it while my 86 year old mom was visiting and she loved the idea and could not wait for the finished product. Over the weeks I added to the costume and fine tuned it. I started with two pieces  of foam core which I glued and duct taped together. I reinforced the bottom with dowel rods so the foam-core would not bend. I covered it with an old paisley scarf then cut a hole in the center where I would “sit”. I measured my leg from hip to knee and knee to ankle then cut pool noodles as my “bones” with a small foam football for my knee. I covered it all in batting and slipped it into a nylon. I then duct taped fake feet I ordered off eBay.

I found a great pair of sparkly harem pants and cut a hole in the bottom and stapled them to the foam-core all around the cut out.  I then stapled suspenders so I could wear it easily. Black garbage bags were taped underneath the carpet to hide my legs. I purchased a sparkly top from Value Village and a velvet shell that I sliced up the middle and cropped off and added gold embellishments. I created the hat by covering it in left over velvet over around cheese container (Laughing Cow) which I cut a hole in the top and cut in the back. I attached ribbon so I could pull it tight around my purchased ponytail.

When I put on the costume I found it front heavy so I added a decorative pillow in the back to counter balance.

The costume was a terrific hit. I sent my mom pictures and she was thrilled and could not stop talking about it. People at work were shocked and amazed and loved it. Some actually thought someone was underneath the carpet carrying me. I had to show some how it worked because they couldn’t get over the fact that it looked like I was actually flying. I am so excited for next year. :)