My son loves to watch bull riding! When he told me he wanted to be a bull rider I thought this will be a fun project.  My mother always made our costumes growing up so I am continuing the tradition.

We used diaper boxes for the bull. Brown spray paint for the boxes and cardboard pieces for his spots and eyes. Yellow rope to hold the bull up on our son and a rope for our son to hold when the bull starts bucking.

When I was finished I showed my husband proud of the turnout. He took it and went into the garage I thought what in the world is he doing.  He came back and the bull had a nose ring and WOW did that just make the costume!!!

We had so many compliments on this costume that we had to share!!! I hope someone else tries to make this costume so there child will enjoy it as much as our son does! Thanks!

By the way…he wanted me to let you know he stayed on for the full 8 seconds.