My boyfriend and I LOVE Mortal Kombat so it was easy to decide what to be for Halloween, Sub Zero and Kitana Costumes. Sub Zero was easy despite the fact that I had to sew it by hand (my sewing machine was broken). I bought 4 yards of blue stretchy fabric and 3 yards of black cotton fabric from Wal-Mart. I cut the blue fabric into 2 long and wide strips, a short wide strip and a skinny long strip for the belt. I folded the sides about an inch and sewed just so I can have a nice clean edge. Then, I sewed black fabric to the center of the blue pieces. With extra black fabric I made a hood since we couldn’t find any to fit, since my honey has a big head (sorry dear). I cut a piece of blue fabric and used Velcro to stick it in the inside of the hood.

The belt buckle was made out of white foam board that I spray painted gray and drew the Mortal Kombat emblem with a sharpie. His shin guards were some cheap soccer shin guards from Wal-Mart. Those were also spray painted gray and I painted the designs with blue acrylic paint. He already owned the sweat pants, shirt and shoes.

Kitana was fairly easy too. I used an extra-large cotton t-shirt and cut it into two pieces.  The front piece was cut from the center of the collar straight down the middle. Then, it was cut from below the armpit to the top to create a triangle. I sewed black fabric strips on both pieces and then sewed together. I stopped just below the center of my bra then sewed the top corners together. I made a small strip of black fabric and sewed it to the top of the shirt and added Velcro so it would be easy to put on/remove. I made tiny holes in the opening of the shirt and added an extra shoe lace I had laying around. The back part was cut to be above my bra strap and I sewed it to the front. Viola! The halter top was done.

The mask was made out of the t-shirt sleeve, just cut to fit my face a black strip was sewed to the top and tied behind my head. Arm bands are toilet paper rolls that I cut and painted black. I used extra blue fabric to tie them around my wrist. I already owned the black shorts and boots  (the fishnet stockings can be found anywhere, especially around Halloween time). Fans were made out of card stock that were accordion folded and taped. I sewed some scrap fabric to the top of my boots and the costume was complete!

The total cost for both was around $25 since I had most of the necessities at home. The labor was intense and I still have blisters on my fingers from hand sewing but I think it was worth it. They turned out great and we received so many compliments.