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Coolest Carebears Costume 3

by Kevin Condon
(Grand Rapids, MI, )

Carebears Cistyne

Carebears Cistyne

Where do I start? The costumes were a group decision amongst a group of grown men who all thought it was time to shock the local costume party we attend. And if seeing 6 foot tall grown men in bright colored jumpsuits isn't shock then I am not sure what is.

The Carebear costumes were all down in fleece and we sewn by myself. Before this time I have never sewn anything and had no idea where to start. The local fabric store had patterns for adult size jumpsuits that were used and the patterns for the Carebear logos were hand created. The helmets were vintage motorcycle helmets that were wrapped in fleece and and I used long wood screws that I screwed through the top and attached Styrofoam to for the ears. The cheeks of the helmet where also Styrofoam balls cut in half. The back of the costume also had the correct heart on the rear that all the original Carebears had.

The costume turned out to be a hit and it was what we hoped it to be a shock not just to the people at the contest but to all of the guys once we put them on.

Total cost per costume $70.

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by: Anonymous

All I gotta say is "WOW!"

by: christy

haha these are really something.
they're awesome! great job!

CareBears Rock!
by: Heather A. WI

Awesome! is an understatement.

Really good
by: Anonymous

How long did it take you to make these?

I'm looking at 18 personalized care bears for a engineering class going to a toboggan competition in Canada.

Wish me luck

by: Anonymous

CAN I BORROW THESE?!!?? Haha. Seriously

by: ClAuDiA


by: Nate

Can I buy these costumes from you? Please let me know if this is an option for this Halloween!

Sweet but easier?
by: Anonymous

These are AWESOME but maybe to cut down on the time and work it took to make the costumes you could have bought adult footie pajamas and then Velcro on the symbols. They look great and you did a great job!

by: charly-x

I love the costumes

a part time extra income?
by: wowed

way to go! these are spectacular! you should be quite proud.... and first time sewing?! bravo. All I can say... is eBay! you could turn a nice profit on these.

Can i buy these?
by: Andrea

are you possibly selling these costumes? my daughter is obsessed with the Care Bears and would LOVE IT if my husband and I dressed up as any of these! I could also borrow them and send them back to you right after Halloween. I would (of course) take care of all shipping costs and pay you whatever you thought was fair to buy/borrow the costumes.

by: Anonymous

me and my mates have been thinking of a 80's fancy dress idea and one of them said carebears, but i said no way... this has changed my mind there brill ha ha love it

by: Funshine

Fabulous!! I want the Funshine one!! lol.

by: Anonymous

would you post to south africa? if so how much?

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Coolest Homemade Scarlet Macaw Costume 14

by Rebecca W
(Rochester, MN USA)

Homemade Scarlet Macaw Costume

Homemade Scarlet Macaw Costume

I made this homemade Scarlet Macaw costume for my daughter when she was 4. We have done homemade animal costumes for all of her Halloweens and have been on a bird theme for the past three years (see flamingo section for her 3 year old costume).

I started with a leotard and added an entire case of red feather boas. My mother made the head piece which was like a hood that closed with Velcro under the chin. The beak and eyes are made of craft foam with wiggly craft eyes glued to them. The costume also had tail-feathers which were detachable and tied on with ribbon. They were cute as they trailed behind her when she ran.

The shoes are made of black croc-like knock off type shoes with chemical gloves with the thumbs cut off sewed to them. She wore black tights.

She loved this homemade Scarlet Macaw costume and won every costume contest that we entered, including one at the "Halloween capital of the world" in Anoka, MN. This year we hope to make an awesome peacock costume.

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by: Anonymous

She is so cute and so thrilled to be a parrot and flamingo! I think its great that there is actually a child that doesn't always have to be a common princess or Spiderman

by: Megan

My daughters and I had coordinating costumes last year (we were Elmo, cookie monster and Oscar, and my oldest wants to be a peacock this year. I made the costumes last year, and I wanted to do it again. Well, my youngest got voted to be a parrot!This is awesome! I haven't found anything I've liked for a parrot, but I love this one! Thank you soo much for sharing! Have a great Halloween!!

Grammy Needs Help!
by: Betsy

My granddaughter, 8, wants to be a parrot for Halloween and I have been elected to make the costume. I love what you's a fabulous costume. How did you attach all those feather boa strips? Did you sew them on? I bought a red hoodie and red shorts. Do you think they will work as well? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks so much.

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Coolest Homemade Carebear Costumes 8

by Janice
(New York City)

Homemade Carebear Costumes

Homemade Carebear Costumes

Homemade Carebear Costumes
Homemade Carebear Costumes
Homemade Carebear Costumes

As Halloween becomes more and more an excuse to dress *less-than-classily*, it becomes more necessary to create your own costumes in order to stand out. This past year we decided first upon a group of Carebear Costumes, and then set out on an adventure to Target. Here's where we had to be imaginative, as there is no 'care bear supply' section.

After about an hour we had the supplies we needed: Kids sweatpant sets (adult colors didn't work), kids winter hats with tassles on top (care bear hair!), matching earmuffs (cheeks) whit towels (tummy circle), washcloths in every color (tummy pictures), slippers (feet), heart shaped jewel decals in the school supply section (noses and butt-hearts), and we used old bunny costume tails for the cb tails, cardboard cutouts covered with white terry towel sewn to hats for ears.

The result (after many hours of sewing, gluing, cutting and cleaning) was miraculous!

Comments for Coolest Homemade Carebear Costumes 8

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so adorable!
by: Anonymous

This is my favorite! its great for kids or adults and is doable by someone like me who can't sew real well! great job!

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Coolest Care Bear Costume 9

by Katie

Coolest Care Bear Costume

Coolest Care Bear Costume

Coolest Care Bear Costume
Coolest Care Bear Costume
Coolest Care Bear Costume
Coolest Care Bear Costume

Here I am as a Care bear, love a lot bear, made from an adult baby grow, a hat and pink and white material. The hat is woollen with stuffed pieces of fabric and then sewn to the hat. The Care Bear Costume itself was an adult babygrow and I just added a fluffy tail and heart on the bum of the costume. The front is just a piece of white fabic with two pink felt hearts on. And lastly two pink woollen gloves with face paints.

Made a really good impression at the 80s party I went to. I picked Love a Lot bear as it was easier to do. The blue bear would work just as well, if any other colours would be needed. I guess you could use a tracksuit.

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Coolest Homemade Care Bears in Space Group Costume 7

by Patrice A.
(San Diego, California)

Homemade Care Bears in Space Group Costume

Homemade Care Bears in Space Group Costume

A blast (off) from the past. Homemade Care Bears in Space Group Costume.

I made these costumes over the summer to wear to Disney's Halloween time at California Adventure. They were hot to make during the middle of summer because it was like having a blanket on your lap the whole time, but they were so colorful and happy that it was fun.

They were so warm and comfy. We ran around all night sticking out our bellies for a Care Bear Stare.

Green: Lucky Bear
Pink: Secret Bear
Orange: Friendship Bear
Purple: Harmony Bear
Yellow: Funshine Bear
Gold: Brave Heart Lion (a care bear cousin)

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