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Coolest Group Care Bears Costume

Every year our group of friends dress up for Halloween to take our children on a hayride and trick-r-treating. This year we decided to go as the Care Bears.

There were 9 of us. We dyed painter’s jumpsuits for the body of each bear. We then created the belly patch using felt. We even made sure we added the felt heart on our rear ends :).

After we dyed the jumpsuits we attached the belly and added ears cutout of foam. As the last touch we painted our faces to match the body color of our Care Bear.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

5 thoughts on “Coolest Group Care Bears Costume”

  1. we enjoy seeing what you guys can come up with! Always a cool costume for Halloween! Yall did a great job. Cant wait to see what hits the streets next year.


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