I have been making my own costumes for about six years now and this Muppet costume is by far my favorite one.  Sweetums isn’t the most popular of the Muppets but he was always one of my favorites. The costume was fairly easy to makes, because all I really had to do was construct the head. It was my first time using paper mache and I thought I would give it a go.

I used a large yoga ball for my mold and started layering the paper mache. I put about 12 layers on it and it worked, but after the 4th time wearing it, it started to fall apart on the bottom, probably due to the weight of it and taking it on and off. I sewed the fur on the head and the nose, mouth and teeth. The eyes were a plastic ball cut in half and painted. The clothes were all from the Salvation army with the exception of the burlap I bought. Very successful at the parties and only scared a few kids.  Hope you enjoy.