My boyfriend and I decided to go as Pikachu and Ash Ketchum for Halloween last year. He went to Value Village and picked up some items to give him the white t-shirt and the blue vest and hat. HE HAND SEWED the vest to the shirt and wore a black shirt underneath and even added the little circles and such on all by himself.

The Pikachu was pretty difficult seeing as no where had yellow pants. I actually tried using yellow duct tape but ended up looking like a neon yellow traffic controller so that changed. I hand sewed the ears onto an old head band I had. I also cut out the shape of the tail (I drew the shape of the tail on cardboard and used that as an outline, it took a few tries) and made it just about the length of my back and super wide. I then stuffed it with pillow stuffing and put cardboard on either side so that it stayed straight and didn’t slouch to one side of the other.

I used an old yellow shirt I had and again hand sewed black patches on my back. I attached the tail with a binder clip seeing as I had no safety pins and was making the costume an hour before the party. I used fishing wire to attach the top of the tail to the shirt so I could pull the strings and make it wag. I wore black leggings as bottoms, it looked the best without being too hoochy. I used eye liner for my nose and lip liner for the red circles on my cheeks. I also used eye liner to draw the little squiggles on Ashs’ face. I even painted my nails yellow!

We also bought foam balls from Walmart and colored them as Pokaballs.

We were nominated best couples costume.

Unfortunately we never got a good picture together so I’ve uploaded some of what we have.