This women’s Raven costume was SOMEWHAT easy to assemble. The hardest part about it was deciding how I wanted it to look and how it was all going to come together. My friends all wanted to be birds, but I wanted a costume that also kept the true spooky spirit of Halloween. The Edgar Allen Poe poem “The Raven” came to mind and instantly I began to plan my costume!

What you will need:

A black long-sleeved leotard (which can be found at your nearest dance wear shop or dance studio)

A black feather boa

Black feather trim (can be purchased at Hobby Lobby)

TONS of black feathers

A few yards of black fabric with ruffles

Black face paint

White face paint

small rhinestones

eyelash glue

Black panty hose

Fabric glue

A sewing machine or thread and a needle

First, I folded the feather boa in thirds and sewed it in such a way that it would stay short and thick, then I sewed it to my leotard where it would sit right above my backside (for the tail)

Second, I folded the black ruffled fabric in half and cut out pieces the length of my arms in the shape of wings and sewed them to the seam on the leotard located underneath each of my arms to give the effect of wings.

Third, I took the feather trim and sewed it around my hips onto the leotard where it would sit right above my tail. This was difficult because I have big hips and I needed it to be tight enough to look flattering but loose enough so that I could get it over my backside when I needed to take it on or off!

Fourth, I took the feathers and glued them to the chest of the leotard and some onto the shoulders in such a way that they would stick out to the side and give more of a wing effect.

Now you have the main portion of the costume finished.

When getting ready to go to a costume party, you will want your hair and makeup to really go well with the costume. I used black face paint to create a “masquerade” like mask, with a black beak. I then used the white face paint to outline the beak and on the sides of my nose. I used eyelash glue to place rhinestones around the painted mask to give it a dainty look. For my hair, I curled it, and then I put it into a teased up and messy ponytail and randomly placed feathers in my hair.

My costume was such a hit! I loved it and was so proud that I had made it myself! The only downside to this costume is that it makes it hard to use the restroom!