This Addy Caddy Flower car wheelchair costume was a fun project put together overnight when the thought came to me on a whim a day before her Boo at the Zoo night and was a big hit.  We always have cardboard boxes at the house for my daughter’s supplies and equipment so I knew I could make something come together.  I actually Googled wheelchair costumes and was so amazed at how many there were. I had never thought about it and it just came to me to make something with all the Halloween events in town we were planning to attend.  I thought about using felt but read someone had recommended plastic table cloth and spray adhesive so that got the ball rolling and added stickers and colorful pom poms, wire ties,two large push lights and glue sticks for the glue gun.

Starting the project:  I used a large stroller box (about 4 ft tall) and split it open and used two side panels of it and trimmed it up to place above the wheels but tall enough to cut out the middle area for the windows.

Attaching to the wheelchair:   I punctured two small holes a few inches apart on both ends of the panels and looped in the wire ties for strong support to tie around one of the wheelchair bars front and back on both sides. I recommend the large size wire ties.  The hardest part was working with the wire ties. I purchased a bag for a $1 and realized how cheap they really were and would not latch on to secure and had to redo the process several times until one finally  worked so I recommend spending a few more $ on the wire ties.  Once the sides were on I added an extension for length to cover the front area.  One side was longer that flapped over and I had a clear hair clip to keep it closed.  This was how I would open and shut it.  I did not glue it otherwise I couldn’t get my daughter in the chair.

Covering the wheelchair:  Once the cardboard was in place, I sprayed the sides with adhesive and applied the pink plastic table cloths.  I did little portions at a time.  The glue does dry quickly and is very sticky and would recommend laying down a drop cloth or old blanket because the glue does carry into other areas when spraying.  When I reached the windows, I had decided to wrap it diagonal around the windows until I got to the end and glued the rest to the inside area of the chair.  I did also lap over to cover the cardboard on the inside to cover the cardboard too.

Decorating the wheelchair:  used large flower stickers. Glued on the two large push lights (with a glue gun) as headlights and glued the pom poms around the headlights and also around the license plate (both with a glue gun) we had when we lived in MN and then she was ready to roll.  We had a fun night at the zoo and trick or treating at other grocery stores.