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Coolest Homemade 50's Sock Hop Costumes 3

by Jennifer M.
(White House, TN)

 Homemade 50's Sock Hop Costumes

Homemade 50's Sock Hop Costumes

I have three children, ages 6-8, so I am always looking for inexpensive costume ideas. This year, we decided a theme that enabled us to build on things we already owned would be the best way to go. We received a costume catalog in the mail, and my youngest daughter said "Mommy, I want to be a poodle skirt girl!" So, after talking it over, we chose to dress in Homemade 50's Sock Hop Costumes!

I looked at costumes online, in stores, and in catalogs. After seeing that each costume would cost at least $20, I decided that it couldn't be too hard to make one myself. I made the poodle skirts from felt, which I found on sale at a local fabric store. The total cost for both skirts was only $9! I cut a circle pattern out, sewed an easy hem, and added elastic to the waist band. The poodles were iron-on patches, so no sewing was involved.

I cut letters out of the leftover felt and pinned them on their shirts, similar to what was worn on 'Laverne & Shirley'. I thought it made a nice finishing touch! The scarves were borrowed from a friend. It was an incredibly easy costume, and I believe that it could be done without sewing as well. My girls talked my son into being a 'greaser', which was great. We already had everything we needed for that costume, so there was no cost involved.

It turned out so cute, and they have gotten so many compliments. This will be hard to beat next year!

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Coolest Rock And Roll Costume 2

by Alana H.
(West Virginia)

Rock-N-Roll Sofie

Rock-N-Roll Sofie

We had my mom a 60th birthday party where everyone dressed up in the rock-n-roll era. I made my daughter Sofie, who was 3 at the time, a pink and black polka dot poodle skirt with her own Mary-Janes, socks and sweater. I got a half yard of fabric, cut it in a circle and cut out the center. Since I don't sew I folded the edge of the waist over a rope and hot glued the edge down.

Leaving the ends of the rope hanging out I pulled the skirt on her and tied it in the back. I also cut out a strip of the fabric for the scarf and tied it around her neck. I found a print out of a poodle, traced it on white felt, traced the outline in black marker and glued a white pom pom on the tail and glued it to the skirt.

I still get compliments on the rock and roll costume and it has been borrowed many times since then for friends to wear. Cost $3 fabric from clearance bin and items we already had.

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Coolest Homemade 50s Costume

by Corissa
(Fountain, Florida)

50s Poodle Skirt  Sock Hop Girl Costume

50s Poodle Skirt Sock Hop Girl Costume

This costume was really simple.

I took an old curtain and made a large circle skirt with an elastic waist.

I found a color page with a picture of a poodle. I traced the poodle onto a piece of white felt.

I then hand stitched the poodle onto the skirt with black thread. I wanted the poodle to have an outline in black. I then stitched the lines that were supposed to be on the inside of the poodle.

Using black yarn, I made a leash for the poodle that circled around and up the skirt. The yarn was sewn on with black thread.

We finished it off with a borrowed sweater and a pony tail. Her hair ribbon was more of the curtain fabric used for the skirt.

Total spent? Zero!

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by: Anonymous

wow that was amazing I think you gave me an idea that is great really

wow wow wow wow

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