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Two Little Mummy Twin Costumes

As I was looking around wondering what I could dress up my twins for Halloween, I came across a very cute picture which was my inspiration. I decided they would be mummies. I mean how hard could it be. I got onesie and started wrapping long pieces of material around it. Placing a stitch here and here, until I was done.

For their heads, I went ahead and covered their beanies in the same manner. Good thing we did a trial run (costume party we attended) because it was a complete failure. It all fell apart, but I have to say the costume looked awesome.  I went ahead and worked on them again, this time hot gluing it to make sure it stayed put. I added a head bow for her and a bow tie for him.

All the work was well worth it, their costumes were a hit and everyone loved them. Especially my daughter since she recently started walking and had the mummy walk down!

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