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Adorable Homemade Toddler Firetruck Costume

My 3 year-old son wanted to be a firetruck. I had already made his twin brother a school bus costume from cardboard boxes and paint, so I thought, how hard could a toddler firetruck costume be?

Making the Toddler Firetruck Costume

I used a cardboard box, mod podge, hot glue, construction paper, ribbon, flashlights, empty cups, and glow sticks. I opened the box up and cut/shaped it appropriately, painted it red and white, and affixed construction paper windows and tail lights. Put stickers on side for fire emergency decal. Inserted flashlights in front for head lights. Attached ribbon straps for wearing.

Well, I ended up taking it with me to the school I sub at to finish it up the day of the town pumpkin walk so he could wear it. The third graders all wanted to wear it so I knew my son would enjoy it.

I made working “headlights” and emergency lights to make it easier for us to see in the dark.

Homemade Costume Reactions

We put it to the test that night, and sure enough we met a few firefighters out on the dark wooded pumpkin trail who couldn’t get enough of it. And yes we were able to see!  He had his picture taken with a volunteer firefighter at the town hall when we went trick or treating there. Enjoyed not only by my son, but also the professional firefighters we were honored to meet!

toddler firetruck costume

toddler firetruck costume

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