Cute Homemade Peacock Costume with Peacock Feathers

Homemade Peacock Costume

I present to you a Homemade Peacock Costume, which I made for Halloween two years ago. I purchased a bodice and coated it with genuine blue peacock feather covered ribbons. The laces have to be loosened until the bodice, is wide enough to fit around the body. In addition I proceeded to sew in some … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lady Gaga Bubble Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Bubble Costume

This is a homemade Lady Gaga bubble costume from her first tour in 2009! The “bubbles” are made out of plastic balls that people usually put stuff into and use as an ornament for a Christmas tree. I basically raided every craft store in my area for the different sized plastic ornament balls and spent … Read more

Coolest Popular Pop Cans Costume

Popular Pop Cans Costume

My friends and I were trying to think of group costume ideas for our high school Halloween dance, and we were drinking pop, and someone said , “HEY! let’s be pop cans!” And we did it! We made a popular pop cans costume. We picked our flavors, our fabric colors, and painted on our logos … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sexy Eve Halloween Costume

Homemade Sexy Eve Halloween Costume

I pretty much got an old pair of shorts and a swim suit top, and hot glued a bunch of leaves from a vine I had around the house for my Homemade Sexy Eve Halloween Costume. I even had some old brown heels I hot glued leaves on. Everyone loved it. The best costume I’ve … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pretty Woman Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Pretty Woman Halloween Costume Idea

I have never sewed anything more than some quilts, but this wasn’t too bad! You’ll need: – blue nylon fabric – white fabric – any metal ring (I used plastic ones found in the purse making section of my fabric store) – blonde wig – black hat – knee high boots or shoe covers – … Read more

Coolest Korben and LeeLoo Couple Costume

Homemade Korben and LeeLoo Couple Costume

I know Star Wars and Star Trek get all the praise when it comes to futuristic scifi movies (as they should), but we figured it was time The Fifth Element got a shot at the limelight. Who doesn’t love The Fifth Element, right? Even though my boyfriend and I have seen it a million times … Read more

Make Your Own Girls Gone Wild Costume

Make Your Own Girls Gone Wild Costume

I actually got this idea to Make Your Own Girls Gone Wild Costume from this very same site! I saw some pictures of a few girls who had tried the whole girls gone wild idea and I was sold! This was probably the easiest and cheapest costume I’ve ever had and it was a hit … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gold Fish Costume

Homemade Gold Fish Costume

I decided to be a Homemade Gold Fish Costume, but cute. Orange was the color I was in love with at the time. First, I needed scales; I found a light salmon colored old lady sequined sweater at Goodwill. I dyed it with RIT orange fabric dye. The boiling process curled the sequins so they … Read more

Coolest Homemade Black Bird and Peacock Couple Costume

Homemade Black Bird and Peacock Couple Costume

BLACK BIRD: Materials for body: *Long black blazer style jacket (Thrift store $5) *Big fake ficus tree (Thrift store $10) *3 cans black spray paint *2-5 black feather boas (depending on thickness) *Lots of hot glue/glue gun 1. Paint the leaves of the ficus tree with black spray paint (clean dust off leaves first so … Read more

Coolest Gwen Stefani Costume

Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume

My favorite band is No Doubt, and I love Gwen Stefani. I have always wanted to be her for Halloween, last year I decided to go blonde, and knew it was time to be Gwen and dress up in a Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume. I did leave some brunette for a peekaboo look. I styled … Read more

Coolest Bud Light Girl Costume

Homemade Bud Light Girl Costume

This costume has 648 beer caps on it. It includes the hat, earrings, a necklace, an anklet, a purse, a bracelet and of course the shoes shirt and shorts. It took me one month to save all the caps and a lot of parties. I used mostly fabric glue and a hot glue gun to … Read more

Coolest Treasure Trolls Group Costume

Homemade Treasure Trolls Group Costume

This year for Halloween our group of friends or “Club Awesome” as we call ourselves (minus 1 in the pic because one of our good friends wasn’t able to go this year) decided Troll dolls would be a unique and funny way to do a costume together. Since we all did not feel “leotard ready” … Read more