Coolest Barbie “Solo in the Spotlight” Costume

After looking through my old childhood dress-up box for Halloween costume inspirations, I found a long black sparkly dress that belonged to my great grandma. I have always been a fan of Barbie, and I thought, “this looks like Barbie’s black dress” and got to work on transforming it into my favorite Barbie.

I took off the straps, folded 4m of black tulle and stitched it to the bottom of the dress, then added a red rose. I have shoulder length hair, so for Barbie’s famous blonde ponytail I cut the top of a blonde wig, sewed and hot glued it to a banana clip, then just clipped it onto my short ponytail. I found long black evening gloves and a big pearl costume necklace for the accessories.

The final touch of this Barbie “Solo in the Spotlight” Costume was my “Genuine Barbie by Mattel” wrist tag. I cut pink poster board into the right size, used Microsoft word to make the label, then glued the white onto the pink and attached it to my wrist using sticky Velcro.

This has been my favorite Halloween costume to date, and I used mostly items that I already owned so it was very cheap!