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Summertime Dreams of Mermaids and Sandcastles Couple Costume

Prep time for this summertime dreams of Mermaids and Sandcastles couple costume:  6 hours

Costume materials:

sturdy cardboard box, sand, seashells, sand bucket/shovel, 2 liter plastic pop containers, filter paper, blue umbrella, stuffed animals (ocean-like), string, silver necklaces


Use a large blue umbrella and sew ocean-like stuffed animals to visualize the mermaid is under the sea. Next, hot glue seashells to a piece of white string and hang from the pointed ends of the umbrella. Finally, find a dress and add fabric to the bottom to look like a mermaid.


Use a large sturdy cardboard box and cut four holes through the top of the box. Cut four two liter plastic pop containers various sizes. Next, hot glue them to the top of the box where you cut holes. Use paint filter paper and tape upside down onto the bottoms of the pop containers. Then, paint Elmer’s glue all over the box and throw sand on the cardboard box. Let dry overnight. Finally, decorate the outside of the box with seashells, bucket/shovel, window/door made out of silver necklaces. Have child wear brown pants and cool sunglasses.

Costumes were very easy to make. The best part was seeing peoples’ reactions to the uniqueness and originality of the costumes. Our family and friends look forward each year to see what we’ve created. Enjoy!



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