Simple Mario Costume for a 4 Year Old Boy

For school this year my son needed a costume that wasn’t bulky or had a lot of accessories, so I knew that wouldn’t be his original costume that he would be wearing Trick Or treating. He mentioned Mario in his rambling of other possibilities and I thought Mario would be perfect, simple and very few accessories.

For his costume, I didn’t have to purchase much as he had a red solid shirt and bright blue skinny jeans. All I was left with was how to make the hat, as I did not like the look of the store bought Mario Hats. Okay, I will admit, I am not one for buying a costume or part of one either. I found a pattern at the store to a hat similar to Mario’s and added my own emblem, for the hat I used Red Felt by the yard and a smaller piece of white to make the circle and ‘M’ on the front of his hat.

I could not find white or blue suspenders in my son’s size ANYWHERE, so I got crafty and made some for him out of suspender clips, adjusters and elastic.Pair it with kids favorite color Converse from their closet and “Mama Mia! It’s me, Mario!”

This was extremely simple and done in one day! Plus it’s one of those costumes they can still be a rowdy, dirt loving boy in and you won’t have to worry!

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