The basics of princess bubblegum is the pink hair, crown, and a pink dress. I found a plain pink dress at a bargain outlet along with pink tights. A pink wig came from five and below. Together they cost only about $15! The crown was made from a Capri Sun box and printer paper. All that was needed was to measure out a strip that was 1.5” wide that would fit around the head with the wig on, and a sloped triangle in the front with a circle on top. After coloring the printer paper gold with colored pencils and a circular section blue like a jewel, the paper was glued onto the cutout from the Capri Sun box and stapled for a snug fit. B.E.M.O that I kept attached with a ribbon to my belt came from the other end of the Capri Sun box with colored printer paper as well. Finn is just a white hat with ears, a blue t-shirt, and jeans or jean shorts. The pocket Jake was just a picture printed off of the internet and pinned to the shirt! Simple as that!

I got really positive reactions for both costumes. I kept hearing ”I’ll save you princess bubblegum!” and having kids come over to say how great we looked and asking us where we found the stuff. Noone would believe the crown was carboard until they saw the inside.  Kids REALLY loved B.E.M.O. I ended up giving him away to a little girl at the end of the night!